Inspired by the Islamic embellishment found on Andalucía’s famous Alhambra, the “Granada” bangle is a dynamic composition between free form structure and negative space. Features of traditional Islamic geometries such as the rhombus or the crescent moon are perceived when observing the bangle from different views. It seemed only fitting to create the entire design parametrically using algorithmic design tools, which allowed smooth transitioning from closed to open space. A challenging aspect of the development process was keeping the weight down and the design uncluttered, which would prove to be difficult as the finishing material was 18 karat Roségold and the bangle would need a mechanism allowing the user to put in on and take it off, without risking losing it. Ultimately, the solution was to abandon the traditional hinge mechanism, which required internal components and a lot of material in all the wrong places, and replacing it with a twist-onto-the-wrist system, using no moving parts. This incidentally also improved the wearing stability and comfort. Although the dimensions suggest that it is a cumbersome object, the contrary is perceived when it is being worn.

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