The design presents minimum in shape but maximum the contradictory in appearance by moving it’s visual dimension from a plain dark surface through delicate gold layers to mysterious loops.
Inspired by natural life grain imitation such as ancient craft technic, Mokume-gane, This collection of jewelry skillfully plays with the symbol of life discovering and exploring.

Through using contemporary technic to recreate a distinctive appearance of material. The design fuses several layers of different radium of copper, silver and gold and enables to show dual colors in one medium without electroplating, such as an antique gold and a burnt black.
According to the diverse oxidation states, the material itself is able to form a sandwich layers. Then manipulates in such a way that a pattern resembling which conveys a dual aspects, counterintuitive and life exploration, and also emerges over its structure and core.

Time and oxidation play as features and make the surface change with each touch. This reverse technique creates a unique life pattern for every wearer, a special bond between the jewelry and the wearer. A highly sophisticated hand-made method specifically by the designer.

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