#300face briliant Diamond cutting healthcare Jewelry.
#Maximized Material Speciality of Zirconia Ceramic.
#Focused ‚Health Care Function‘ based on Customer&market’s needs.
#Ergonomic design(comfortable fit).
#As interest in ‚health‘ and ‚quality of life‘ has increased, ‘Health friendly’ has become a core value in fashion accessories and jewelry as well.
From this perspective, ‚CHARBÜLANC Health Bracelet‘ is not applied Gold or Silver but Zirconia ceramic harmless to human body used for dental implants. In addition, Germanium gemstone is inserted into the zirconia body to emit far-infrared rays.
The surface durability of the zirconia ceramic reaches Diamond, so it is valuable as an everyday jewelry. Cutting design that is mainly used for Emerald jewelry is applied to the surface of the bracelet by diamond cutting technique, and the beauty of elegance and elaboration is completed.
Looking forward to being loved in Fashion and Health.

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