Vinylize Ashby is an optical frame up-cycled from unwanted vinyl records. A special production method was developed to fuse vinyl to cellulose acetate. This make inserting prescription lenses possible and also lends the frame its unique look. The temples are made from palladium plated nickel silver which makes them easily adjustable. Vinylize provides superior comfort and durability and does this in an environmentally friendly fashion. The fusion of vinyl to cellulose acetate creates a tension in the material. As the two different plastics age and shrink at a different rate over time, the frame becomes more concave counteracting the natural stretching which results from daily use. Contrary to traditional materials used in eyewear production which loose their shape, vinylize becomes more comfortable over time. The colour scheme is predominantly black (even though colour vinyl exists, most people assume vinyl records to be black). A key element is the use of quality materials and workmanship. We designed all the frames to show off the grooves.

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