Inspired by an octagonal ink-stone named Spectacular View of Qiyun Mountain, a treasured piece which dates back to the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644), and is currently on exhibit in the National Palace Museum. The glasses are framed in two octagonal shapes. Through a special coating technique, the lenses are printed with two characters, Chao and Tuo, which are selected from the calligraphy artwork of Hanshanzi Poetry by Huang Tingjian (AD 1045-1105), one of the four calligraphy masters of the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960-1126). Chaotuo means standing out from the ordinary, and breaking free from tradition and conventional norms.

Accessories „Eye-ring“: Heaven, Earth, Human Metallic Glasses Chain
As part of treasured collection in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, Jade Tri-Ring symbolizing heaven, earth, and human, dated back to the Ming Dynasty, gives inspiration for this piece. “Heaven, earth, and human,” also known as the three principles, are the three essential elements in Chinese philosophy. They represent the origin of all beings, as well as the rules and principles of our life. You can hang on the strap hole like you’re wearing a pair of ear ring.

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