Frame material: TRNZZ
Lens material: Polycarbonate
adjustable nose pad (adjust eye position)

An safety eyeglass with angle adjustable depending on reading multi-focus lens (the lens is made by Foxconn) includes a frame and two lenses. The frame is provided with a rim and two temples. The rim is provided with two rotating portions located at two opposite outer sides of the rim. Each temple is provided with a mounting portion connected to one of the rotating portions. The lenses are mounted to the rim symmetrically. In this connection, each lens is provided with a regular-prescription area having vision zones. The vision zones include a short-range vision zone, a middle-range vision zone and a long-range vision zone. When the people use the rotational cooperation of the short-range vision zone, middle-range vision zone and long-range vision zone with the temples is utilized, so as to solve the problem of incapability of aligning lenses in the conventional practice with eyes suffering from presbyopia.

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