Beyond the mainstream, these architecturally-inspired women and men shades are exquisitely constructed with geometric precision strictly using converging lines, creating perfect symmetry and optimizing the relationship between angles and edges. Designed to highlight the wearer’s face, these unique shades showcase the synergy between a contemporary design concept and highly complex manufacturing.
The eyewear is designed with CAD programs and then produced using modern CNC technology and traditional Austrian handcraftsmanship. The cellulose acetate frames are first cut with a CNC machine and then undergo rough milling to create the contours and facets, followed by rough grinding to further define the frame. The final step, following sandblasting or grinding by hand, is carefully hand polishing the frames. This special manufacturing process offers surface options including the matte finish and high-gloss. Custom made flat lenses are produced and handcrafted exclusively for this eyewear.

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