Since the end of March, fashion brand s.Oliver has been showing its latest looks for women & men in its new FUSION COLLECTION, which is part of the worldwide Athleisure trend. The collection encompasses the two classic elements of daywear and modern sportswear, which are merged in the capsule looks. The styles are based on the Athleisure concept but aren’t activewear, they belong to the fashion world and are made wearable for everyday use, which is evident from their silhouettes and the performance materials used in the ten outfits for women and ten for men, as well as matching accessories. These are the new everyday favourites.

The new website boasts innovative features like floating polygons in the background and 3D photographs of the products.

The s.Oliver THE FUSION COLLECTION was presented exclusively by numerous famous models and media players as part of a big fashion show in Frankfurt, and live-streamed on

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