The patterned glass from old times, usually used in ancient Taiwanese window, is one of the impression in our memory.In modern times, the patterned glass industry is decline, because of industrial normalized and the fast evolution of glass industry. The patterned glass is now disappearing in Taiwan. That’s why we want to apply patterned glass in things we used in daily life. To make the patterned glass seeing by more people, and to preserve the cultural values of patterned glass.
We turn this historical trace, which grows up with us into the dishes that everyone enjoys.
Series 1: Combination of Times
The patterned glass from ancient times is many people’s childhood memory. Turn the patterned glass into vector graph. With bright color and irregular geometric pattern to make the lively.
Series 2: Ink Miss
We combine Chinese calligraphy with the patterned glass. Use rubber technique to roll the pattern in the character. The Rubber techniques can keep the beautiful lines of ancient patterns. We preserve the old patterned of glass with our hands and use it in our design works.

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