Many people claim that in partnerships, a woman will typically think her male partner should be more considerate of her emotions. Similarly, people claim that a man will typically think his female partner gets angry for no reason. Arguments can easily erupt.

Ringing aims to build a bridge between couples and enhance understanding. The ring is fitted with a sensor that collects biological data such as the heart rate, and transmits this to the wearer’s mobile phone. An app analyses the data and determines the wearer’s emotional state at that time. Then this information is sent via the cloud to the partner’s phone, and an indicative coloured light is activated on the partner’s ring. This presents a ‘snapshot’ of the other person’s emotional state. Ringing has been designed such that data is collected from the woman’s ring and communicated to the man’s ring.

The embedded LED emits different colours to represent different emotions. Pink light represents excitement, yellow represents happiness, red represents anger, blue represents sadness, orange represents frustration, and purple represents boredom.

The meaning of each colour can be checked in the app. The app presents a simple user interface with a ring in the centre of the screen and a face illustration that indicates different moods. At the bottom are icons for sending a message or making a call, which allows for quick action to be taken.

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