ReachNow China is a car-sharing platform for the Chinese market. Founded by the BMW Group, it will bring the car to your compound instead of making you search for it. We created a fitting app that acts as smart as ReachNow China itself.

More than 1.6 billion people are constantly busy taking part in their country’s rush to the future – staying mobile becomes an essential part of their lives. ReachNow China helps the Chinese keep pace. It makes car ownership dispensable – by placing the cars into the people’s personal focus: their compounds and workplaces.

The app brings ReachNow China to the people’s fingertips: it is the key to the people’s personal garage with a car available at all times thanks to a smart use of data and a benchmarking, user-centered design approach. The interface enables users to schedule, book or change a ride in just three clicks – easy as that. This way, flexibility meets simplicity – and Chinese people can hit the streets faster than ever.

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