Within the infrastructure of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), FM4 is regarded as the cooler, younger sibling of the long-established Ö1 and the third national radio station „Hitradio Ö3“.
Radio FM4s main focus is the global alternative music scene, but it also features articles and artistic expressions on international trends with regards to fashion and design, social issues, entertainment news, and political developments.
The website fm4.ORF.at combines three integral parts so three different speeds:
– RADIOPLAYER „all over“ website, always present RADIO FM4 (live + 7 days) vector-style illustrations in the header-section represent the broadcasts and presenters.
– FLOW – „high speed“: close to on air, social media bits and pieces from the FM4 universe, curated by the editorial staff
– STORIES – „moderate speed“: full editorial stories, big pictures
These three parts interwoven provide the user an allover view on activities on air, online and in social media. Songs and interviews from the radioplayer can be included in stories, the „Flow“ highlights on air activities as well as pictures and videos from social media pages.

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