The Legend Collection are designed for the urban travel enthusiasts and business people who
usually pay great attention to quality life and tea tastes both for gift choice and personal enjoyment.
The uniqueness of the design is lited as the follows:
1. The world-known city symbols are applied in the package designs, e.g., the knight and Big Ben for London, elephants for New Delhi, lions for Sri Lanka etc., to add the cultrural characteristics to the teas so as to enhance the brand reminding points and match the Legend product line positioning.
2. Gravure printings of fine and elegant texures are applied to high quality black paperboards
strictly in accordance with the Pantone colors. The key patterns in raised glidings make the
package luxurious and elegant.
3. The tins and packaging boxes in orange are standardized to lower the manufacturing cost.
4. All the finely made packaging boxes are made recyclable for office stationary storage uses.

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