“Silk Road” has been the chief channel for culture and goods exchange since ancient times. Besides silk and china, Pu-erh tea is as well one of the main exports. Pu-erh tea, the acme of the craft of tea industry produced in Yunnan province which lasts over 2000 years, has been widely considered as an advantageous beverage to modern people with imbalanced diets, due to its effects on improving digestion and relieving the unease after consuming greasy food. However, traditional Pu-erh tea leaves were mostly disc or brick-shaped, which is inconvenient for current tea lovers. Therefore, in order to promote Pu-erh tea to the masses, we transformed traditional disc-shaped tea into single serve portions, which can be brewed easily with teapots or mugs. The design concept derives from “Silk Road”. The Chinese-silk-woven coasters can reveal from the tea-cup-shaped cut-out window on the box, turning into an exquisite traditional tea cup. We bring consumers the atmosphere of the Silk Road by vivid Chinese-style package design combining silk, china and Pu-erh tea, transforming Pu-erh tea drinking into healthy and stylish modern dietary style.

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