Design Ideas:
With human beings destroying the forest resources, the owls are now facing severe living problem.
To recover owls, we actively cooperate with “Taichung City Wild Animal Protection Association” and founded the brand “Owl has a home”. Through the development and design of the cultural and creative products of owls, ordinary people can participate and buy the products to really growing trees to give back a home for the owls. The income from selling the products in this event will all be used to do the recovery work of owls.
Design features:
1.The wrapping of the products is in one piece. It doesn’t need the process of binding. It’s an environmental protection design.
2.The overall design contains the wrapping of the products and the demonstration of the functions. After buying the product, one only has to dismantle and assemble the materials; and then it will have the effect of demonstration by hanging. There won’t be a waste of the materials.
3. The packaging visual depicts the owl performing four illustrations from the incubation to the young birds throughout the year.

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