“The landscape within”, the name of this packaging, is the interaction between landscape and action. It is a special edition commissioned by LUXORO exclusvie italian agent and distributor of Leonhard Kurz & Co, worldwide supplier of foils and tools for hot stamping and cold foiling, who asked us to interpret/define “illivio”,an historical wine of the famous Italian winery Livio Felluga. We created two overlapping labels rich in cultural quotes, the first with the landscape finely decorated on the front side and printed on the backside; the second precious one, in reflecting gold, with the 3D baroque frame printed in white.The first label, designed to be opened and closed on one side, surrounds the bottle; once it’s opened, it discloses the beauty of the divine light and the elegance of the baroque frame of the second label and it represents the memory of the landscape the founder, Livio Felluga, saw for the first time. The landscape is captured in the reflection and it reappears in the instant of the recollection in the memory.For this project we drew inspiration from:The importance of the light in the Christian art and in the ancient populations through the use of the golden foil.

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