This is a box packaging for our AI commercial service robot, JELLY. It mimics the nature of a silkworm cocoon, created via an integrated design that negates the need for assembly. The handle on the packaging echoes with the overall design language and provides a comfortable carrier. This packaging utilizes high safety material EPP, which is lightweight, shockproof, pressure-resistant and 100% recyclable. The packaging provides complete protection for JELLY, which prevents the rotating shafts from being damaged during transportation. JELLY is waiting for you to release her from the cocoon, to begin a beautiful journey of AI.
All-in-one design with safe and easy to recycle EPP material, the whole package is extremly light but anti-vibration which encloses the product in a safe place, preventing the robot from the structural damaging caused by transporting, drops and bumps. The integral forming process of EPP is 100% recyclable both in production and recycling which perfectly solve the problem of material losses and recycling in traditional ways. The simple and normalized design also saves labor forces and time for assembling.

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