“Sake brewery Abunotsuru” was founded in 1915 at Japan. A sake brand “Miyoshi” was born at this sake brewery which was revived after a 30 year closure. Ryutaro Miyoshi, the master sake brewer and the sixth generation of the brewery, worked on the revival and named “Miyoshi” from his own name.At first, they discussed whether to write “Miyoshi”, in hiragana or in Kanji, like his surname. In the end it was decided to use Kanji, as “Miyoshi” in Kanji uses the character for “3” and sake brewing is linked to the number 3. “3” is important in sake brewing because of the “3” materials, malt, rice and water, and the “3” parties involved, seller, buyer and society, which are all fundamental factors.Wishing to show the harmony of all “3” factors, the Kanji for “3”, “3” is used on the label.The kanji “3” is actually composed of 3 “1”s turned horizontally. Lining up the three 1s expresses their harmony. Each 1 represents a procedure of sake brewing and adding a drop of sake to the logo indicates the meaning that this sake is carefully prepared through each procedure.The drop mark on the label is designed as a cut-out in the paper causing the drop and the sake inside the bottle to be combined.

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