We were asked by Swedish interior decoration brand Granit to design their new range of soaps, lotions and scented candles.
Granit is a chain of retail stores focusing on function and storage for making your everyday life easier. A typical characteristic is Granits limited colour palette from natures material through a greyscale including black and white.
All products are organically produced with care for people and the environment, which should be reflected in the design solution.

The solution is based on the idea of space, a moment to pause in the everyday rush, to take a deep breath and recharge. A design all in line with Granit paying tribute to their heritage of Scandinavian simplicity and elegance.

Bold and straight to the point with a twist. Great stand out in store. Perfect blend in in your bathroom. All Good organic. Sustaining consumer love.
An important part in this project has been to select packaging that communicates quality and aligns with the brand.

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