We interviewed with blind people in order to solve all these conceivable problems so we aimed to three orientations based on the instant noodles design we could see in the convenient store or supermarket.
1. Packaging design: The container will process with embossed braille dot. While blind people touch through the dots, they could know the flavor and messages.
2. Double-layer design: The center bowl can contain the ingredient and boiled water at the first time, after few minutes, warm water can flow through the tiny pinholes into side-layer. In this way can prevent the risk while taking the bowl with hot soup pour into another bowl. Also, decrease the noodles itself too hard-boiled by hot water.
3. Patches at the bowl edge: When taking the noodles with hot soup to the seat or the place we want to be. It’s easily get scaled. For blind people, the rate could be higher. These patches are design is for preventing the heat from boiled water hurt the fingers of blind people.

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