Almdudler goes Organic
Since 1957 ”Almdudler”, the Austrian legend refreshes the whole alpine nation with its iconic herbal lemonade. Being one of the most cultic Austrian brands, the national drink always stood true to itself. Besides its uniqueness in taste and design, its high quality is a remarkable characteristic. But: Being loyal does not necessarily mean not to go with the flow.
Just in time for the brand’s 60th anniversary the cult drink is striking new paths and thus launches a new range of products. Almdudler Organic is supposed to make the brand enter the young hip bars. With a straight alignment of the products and a clear visual differentiation from the classic-range, the design is focusing on “naturalness” and “craftmenship”. The iconic couple is staged in an artisanal line drawing. The all over handmade-look is supporting the varietal differentiation as well as the general appearance, too. When haptics, product, design and target group yield in synergies, an exciting as well as expressive range, like “Almdudler Organic” may result.

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