LEDLENSER is one of the leading manufacturers of LED flashlights.

The Task: Development of a poster series showing the luminosity of the LEDLENSER products in a surprising way.

The Goal: to generate high awareness and strong perception of the product benefits at POS.

The Idea is at the same time the fundamental product benefit: the wow-effect, when dark night becomes bright day at the push of a button. Executed in a high-contrast design with a stylised light beam that transforms 100% black into 100% white.
Withal the further composition of our light beam is very unusual: It has the form of world-famous buildings – known for their altitude. Our message: LEDLENSER flashlights can reach a much longer distance.

The posters meet the communicative goal: maximum awareness at POS through their bold and striking design, their surprising message and a strong long distance effect due to their graphical clarity.

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