Martin Luther’s translation of the Bible has had a unique impact on the German language and ultimately on German culture. For the Reformation Jubilee 2017 the Evangelical Church in Germany has issued a revision of Luther’s Bible translation in cooperation with the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft foundation.

The cover of the Luther Bible 2017 itself was designed in a very classical and traditional fashion. In order to attract sufficient attraction, however, a number of well-known personalities were invited to design decorative slipcase editions. A series of 12 special editions celebrating the Reformation Jubilee have been published. Each case makes reference to a quotation from the Luther Bible 2017. Apart from the church audience, it is especially the „surprised“ who are addressed – those who wake up in the morning, not yet knowing that they will come into contact with the Luther Bible 2017. Every edition is accompanied by a film documentation for the website

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