Medication non-adherence is a behavior choice that led to more than 12500 annual deaths, and 30-50% of treatment failures. We took inspiration from Professor Marteau, at Cambridge University, who demonstrated how powerful environment cues, such as a smaller sugary drinks size, were to promoting healthier behavior. We are tackling this medication non-adherence problem, with smarter APP design, by cueing user to comply with their regimen to achieve a healthier lifestyle. So Memo Health is about intelligence, actively interacting and informing user, as opposed to serving as a passive tool. For example, the APP automatically scrolls to user’s upcoming dose reminder, with a speech bubble propitiously catching user’s attention to what is important. And when user is late for a dose, the bubble will turn red, communicating the urgency to user. Memo Health App can integrate with a connected smart pillbox which automatically records one’s meds intake, coupling with advanced algorithm that learns from user’s habit, reminding user (and/or family members) to take medication if and only if user fail to take medication. Memo Health APP can be used with and without Memo Box.

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