MangaChat is a co-creating tool for comics. In a traditional process, a comics story is an art form created by the authors for expressing their ideas, whereas the readers are simply message receivers. By developing a text-to-comics conversion technology, MangaChat realize an alternative and collaborative approach for comics creation. Starting from inviting another user as co-authors, co-creating story with MangaChat is literally a chatting experience with friends; as one inputs a line of text, the app detects emotional features within words and automatically composes a frame of comics. A message thread is therefore rendered as a comic strip, which can then be shared to other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With this participatory tool, comic art is created based on a communication in an active, creative and social process. Therefore, comics are no longer a one-way art form to readers. Instead, comic art becomes a bi-directional channel for sharing ideas and messages.

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