Previously, Mercedes-Benz buyers configured and ordered their dream cars, before being left alone until vehicle handover. This resulted in an emotionless hole for the customer without contact to the brand or vehicle. In order to fill this gap, Mercedes Benz developed, in collaboration with Berylls Strategy Advisors, CINTEO, diconium, fischerAppelt and Goodmates, an industry-first ‘digital anticipation’ solution. Through this digital solution, customers are able to experience the assembly of their vehicle in real-time, further customize their choices, and dive deeper into the Mercedes-Benz brand universe. The ‘joyful anticipation’ keeps the customers endorphin levels at an all new constant high from the point of ordering up to the handover of the vehicle. Through the new webportal, passive waiting becomes active experience.

Just half a year after the market launch, more than 50 percent of the initial target customer group are actively experiencing the ‚joyful anticipation‘, with an increasing tendency. Since the launch in the German market, more than 27.000 unique visitors, each of them staying more than 8 1/2 minutes on average on the ‚joyful anticipation‘-website, were reac

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