The whole video is divided into three parts, they are design, functions and colors.
We try to express inMirror’s DNA in the angle of the birth of life. And we create it as per principles of aesthetics and biology.
The three bouncing balls respectively express the feel of youth, fashion and softness. They gradually shape out the original state of inMirror, and the magnifying mirror was created out magically.
Through transition of shots, the video brings out the hidden magnifying mirror, soft LED lighting and the storage functions. It helps customers to fully understand the selling points of inMirror.
Through lens shift, the video brings out IVORY, SAKURA PINK and MINT GREEN three colors. And through scene of large-scale arrays, the video gives out a view of colorful mirrors. The video is ended with three mirrors in different colors, which acts in cooperation with the three balls in the beginning.

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