CZECHOSLOVAKIA VODKA is an alcoholic beverage bringing together Czech spirit from Kojetín and Slovak mountain water from Kezmarok. Although Czechoslovakia does not exist as one country anymore, we have decided to connect the best of these two nations – the best of us, and show that Czechoslovak spirit is still alive – in both meanings of the word spirit. The design was created as a line drawing, using techniques of screen printing and hot stamping when making a real bottle, reflecting: a map of the Czech (left side of the bottle) and Slovak Republic (right side of the bottle), divided by river Morava, which depicts the three Czech and three Slovak cities (Prague, Kromerí, Ceský Krumlov and Bratislava, Trencín, Kezmarok). In the background there are Eastern High Tatras depicted. Morava, at the bottom of the design, runs into the Danube. Two bridges over Morava symbolize two unions of Czechs and Slovaks in the 1st and 2nd Czechoslovak Republics. The gold color of fields symbolizes Czech spirit used in vodka and blue water reflects pure Slovak water from High Tatras. The brown color symbolizes the fertile land of the two countries. In the very bottom rich golden grains can be found.

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