In the era where the machines gradually replace manpower, the books in the market are mostly made by machines. We hope that through the form of a picture book the readers can easily understand the evolution and history of bookbinding and keep the impression of books in mind without being replaced. It is primarily based on oriental books and it is introduced in three different bookbinding methods: accordion fold, butterfly-fold, and thread bound. With the materials and accessories, we provide modern binding instruction. We design it as an experience box to let book lovers experience the temperature of making a book on their own.
The visual idea comes from the image of bookbinding. The package is designed as a drawer; both sides can be pulled. The books put in the first level are the historic stories of bookbinding and the application nowadays. The words are highlighted and marked with illustrations to allow the readers to capture the main points. Material packages and teaching posters are put in the second level to let the readers experience the fun of making books. The tools in the lowest level are helpful for making books with bonus peripheral products.

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