Connectivity has a huge impact on the automotive industry. Which is why Audi made this topic part of their philosophy. To approach this at trade fairs is a special challenge. The objective was to build a digital, interactive booth, so that the visitor could really dive into the digitally connected Audi world.
The “Cloud” was launched at the Paris Auto Show 2016. Part of the challenge was to create a modular booth that could be reused at other exhibitions. For Paris, it consisted of ca. 7.000 LED panels. Along with this, the “Audi Experience Pass”, is an interactive format for the visitors’ smartphone.

The individual Pass was embedded in a holistic communication approach. Innovative about the solution was not choosing to program an app for the Pass, but to find another technology format that was custom-made for the situation. Apps are best suited for repetitive and constant use. The technology of the Pass is known from Airline Boarding Passes and avoids the app store. It is user friendly even in the registration process: Instead of typing data in a form, the microsite offers a short chat demonstrating how Audi is deepening the dialog with its customers.

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