The designer poured his heart and time and finished the lobby of Orange crystal, the finally completed part of this hotel. Considering it has a superior geographical position of facing the street, but thinking through overall from the building scale, its spatial depth lacks slightly. Dealing with the relationship between inside and outside must be very cautious. The designer chose to weaken the boundaries and extract the elements of nature, trying to make every effort to keep the space in a state of balance of both openness and closeness. The purpose of overlaying the space interface repeatedly is to create a freeze-frame of pastoral image. In order to bring people more spatial penetration sense when they enter into and make more interesting, another one small obstacle was added at the porch. The setting of double porch organized people gathering on the spatial axis of the landscape from both sides around, just like forming a quite Chinese style of partition wall, which also elongated the path experience of the space, meanwhile played a very positive role on heat preservation and energy saving.

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