Sports Tracker is the original fitness tracking app, available to consumers since 2006. However, the iOS version had started showing its age and the design hadn’t been updated in years.
Sports Tracker teamed up with design and technology house Reaktor to completely relaunch the app on iOS. The new app, launched in December 2016, was completely connected, designed and built from scratch.

The old Sports Tracker served users well as a tracker, but the experience was rather lonely. We wanted to encourage users to share their workouts and experiences, and cheer friends on. Seeing what your friends and peers are up to gives inspiration and encourages you to share your activities as well. It’s a virtuous circle that makes sports more fun and boosts a healthy lifestyle.

The new design allows content like photos and videos to take center stage. Enabling social interaction directly from the home feed helps keep up motivation – and makes the app more fun to use.

The app was published on the App Store in December 2016. Now half a year later, the data indicates that the more social and visual approach has worked: users are using the app more often and for longer than before.

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