Knowing the nature of things—both the similarities and differences.
In The Zhuangzi1, Nie Que2 asks Wang Ni3: “Do you know the common nature of all things?” The inspired our design. We should step out of the box, considering using more authentic materials. Before, wood veneer is often used as indoor materials rather than solid wood in high-humidity northern Taiwan. To implement an environmentally friendly design and highlight the pure nature, we use plywood and laminated veneer lumber(LVL) as the materials in this design, focusing on the concept of the “nature of things.”
The design returns to materials research and uses the plant cell structure of trees to explore life’s demand for space. Plywood and LVL are moisture-resistant and eco-friendly building materials. Wood veneer is not a choice anymore; we emphasize the real texture of the materials without too much processing but only an oil polish at the surface. The attitude of coexisting with the Earth is conveyed through the natural materials, bringing more vitality to the space.

1: Zhuangzi is a famous Chinese philosopher, and The Zhuangzi is a compilation of his and others writings.
2 & 3: Scholars at the time.

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