The Renson Healthbox 3.0 is an intelligent and fully autonomous ventilation eco-system.
It consists out of a compact, silent yet very powerful ventilation unit with built-in sensors and a mobile application acting as the principal user interface.

The user doesn’t need to actively control the ventilation system. However the ‚My Healthy Ventilation‘ app increases awareness of the necessity to ventilate and the positive impact on one’s health. How? It translates an abstract and realtime dataset into an intuitive interface through color, AI text and dynamic tips & tricks. It shows the actual indoor air quality of the personalized rooms and the current status of the ventilation system.

A layered communication strategy and application architecture makes the data comprehensible for everybody. The first layer, the home screen, combines intuitive colors, smart copy and an interactive graphic to show the current status. The second layer shows the actual data of all individual rooms. The third layer shows the data in detailed graphics for those who want to dig deeper. This approach transforms a technical system into a user friendly and communicative tool.

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