Are you scared of the moldy appearance on leftovers? Because of the mold’s unappealing looks and obnoxious smell, people run a mile. However, if we could observe their unique structures and forms through a different perspective, we’ll discover that molds are actually beautiful and fascinating organisms.

In this series of posters, we select common food (kiwi fruit, apple, noodle, and blue cheese) to show you a different side of mold’s world. Using combination of macrophotography and illustration,
we explore these images with delights and stories which people have never seen before.

We create a mold’s world view, and fantasizing that there are inhabitants inside this world. These inhabitants build themselves, similar to what molds can grow by themselves without intentional cultivation, and their appearance is closely related to the original food.

For instance, the blue cheese is made out of penicillium, so in the poster, we would sculpt the tiny figure with the appearance of penicillium. Viewers can explore knowledges within the image, and discover the true beauty of the mold.

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