Mexico Fashion Film Festival (MFFF) is the first Mexican cultural festival that works as a platform for amateur and professionals from a wide variety of creative fields who wish to share their passion and vision through fashion films.

For the 2017 edition, MFFF had Prosperity as a central concept, which was clearly depicted  in the festival’s key visual , represented by a prickly pear as  the main  central feature enriched with different Mexican nature and fashion components which caught people´s attention.

For the early communication stages,  the initial designs featured  black and pink colors using a technique of color duality with fragments of the key visual in different sizes.

As the date of the festival approached, we started revealing hours, location and activities. The entire visual communication evolved from monochromatic to a wide variety of vivid colors with the prickly pear continuing as a central icon of the festival. Simultaneously, each element was used separately to be applied on different printed materials and complementary applications such as giveaways for the guests.

The MFFF original logo is property of Mexico Fashion Film Festival Mexico.

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