Emergency Backpack P5/11 Aluminum cases had been outdated the last 10 years followed by professional back packs. PAX has forced this development by innovation and robustness. Easy to transport, robustness and cost made back packs beeing the new standard for emergency cases. The relatively high weight and the difficulties to clean the backpacks from inside and outside were critiqued by the users. After a long period of development the new P5/11 was launched. Instead of sewing all materials are welded in a way that they can not be divided ever. By this the inside and outside is easy to clean due to flat transitions. By this innovation the total weight was reduced. The modular inner bags are fixed by Neodym magnets and not by Velcro fasteners for better clean-ability. The overall design is an evolution of the former PAX corporate product design by additionally showing the new production methods in its design.

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