Kid micro mesh style medical nebulizer, with a small size, easy to carry, simple operation, less dosage, heal faster and other notable features. It’s one of theessential tools in whole treasure chest with health, disease prevention and treatment of dysfunctional for afamily. Also it can be used as a medical unit for oral, respiratory patients administered medical equipment.
This product includes body, liquid storage, cover three major parts; with USB charging lithium titanate battery .The overall design with ergonomic criteria, through a streamlined, rounded corners and smooth surface of the structure to completely avoid potential injuries when children using.Nebulizer’s both sides using silicone material;it can antslip and effectively enhance the efficacy of the product in use. Breathing lights, cartoon body and a variety of bright colors decorated, both in line with the aesthetic taste of children and also greatly enriched the imagination of children. It has become a model of human-computer applications harmonious interaction.

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