The world’s fastest folding system design in the mobility category, allows RELYNC to be folded and unfolded in 2 steps or 3 seconds. RELYNC is also the most compact, at the size of hand luggage, you can take it anywhere from cars, buses or even airplanes.

RELYNC was created for people with mobility needs, but are still in good health to want the confidence to enjoy travelling, or even the confidence to roam further.

RELYNC takes inspiration from the legendary race cars of the 1960s, adding a modern twist that makes it elegant, and classical in both scooter and suitcase forms! The RELYNC doesn’t only aim to give users with mobility needs confidence via reliability, it aims to give them pride.

The full light system is designed not only for style, but to make you visible from all angles at all times. The Relync ISA uses a gyroscope sensor to reduce the speed automatically when exceeding safe speeds, during sharp turns or riding down steep roads.

The RELYNC can also be locked, located, and tracked in real time via our smartphone app using GPRS and GPS. Boasting an intelligent alarm with anti-tamper function, that alerts both passers-by and yourself, if disturbed or moved.

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