Prime TC reinvents patient transport for the hospital environment. It is the result of an in depth research and design collaboration between Stryker Medical and Michael Graves Design Group. This revolutionary new transport chair is designed to replace the obsolete X-frame wheelchair. The safe, welcoming design speaks volumes to caregivers and patients. It features obvious touch-points for intuitive operation. Special ergonomic consideration was given to the position of the handles and activation points, including one-touch foot operated brakes, in order to reduce strain and prevent injury to virtually any height caregiver or escort. The Stand Assist armrests are designed to make standing and sitting safer by providing touch-points at the right height and position. Flip-up footrests with swing-away functionality maximize access and reduce patient falls. A rigid nestable steel frame enhances durability while discouraging theft, a major problem for hospitals. The Stryker Big Wheel is out of reach to reduce patient exposure to infectious diseases. Seamless, durable components are easy to wipe down to prevent the spread of infection and are power-washable for extreme clean-ability.

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