The Karma EVO ALTUS aims to improve both mental and physical health to wheelchair users. The chair’s standing function enables users to have an eye-level view in social interactions besides physical benefits. For those with weaker body control, EVO ALTUS offers tailored made standing movement such as lying-to-standing, so almost everyone can enjoy an independent life on wheels.

The ease of adjustment and servicing was at the forefront of EVO ALTUS’s design, allowing service technicians or therapists to increase the seat depth without the need for any additional components such as linkage bars. Its front wheel driven chassis and patented swing-away and down joystick bracket makes the surroundings much more accessible to users. The compact chassis allows an extremely low seat height that ensures easy access to a car’s steering wheel when driving. Mobility is therefore expanded.

Built with high quality sturdy materials and components while topped with the flexibility to remove the standing function, the EVO ALTUS embodies an optimization in mobility for the long-term.

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