The Karma eFlexx is designed to keep wheelchair users independently mobile. The distance that a common powered wheelchair can travel is limited by the battery capacity. With a robust foldable frame, eFlexx is travel friendly and can easily fit into a car’s trunk; the travel distance is therefore extended. No more settling for the fixed schedule of the wheelchair-accessible buses, users can go wherever a car can reach. Even commercial planes are no longer inhibitors for this travel range. The certified lithium-ion battery of eFlexx is compliant with IATA aviation regulations and designed to be taken on planes. Additionally, it’s easy to remove the battery for off-board charging or replacing with a spare battery for emergency uses.

The swing away bracket of the joystick makes it possible for users to move closer to and under tables. The design of the self-explanatory bright color lockers paired with the swing-away footrests and flip-back armrests allows for easy operation and transferring in or out of the chair. eFlexx secures stable mobility for independent travelers.

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