During pregnancy, no matter what the delivery mode is, vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery, pelvic floor muscles (PFM) inevitably weaken.However, physiological functions of PFM are mainly in three aspects: 1. Supporting pelvic organs; 2. Maintaining constriction; 3. Sex. Demands for such three functions shall not meet. Diseases due to the absence of such three functions are called Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD).

RightinHome project we designed for PFD is built on a small vaginal electrode, which shall be inserted into the vagina when treating. The surface consists of 2 pairs of electrode, one for collecting pelvic EMG(Electromyography) data and completing biofeedback training, the other for electrical stimulation on pelvic floor muscles. All technical schedules are integrated inside this small electrode, which includes power module, data collecting/electrical stimulation module and Bluetooth module to interconnect with smart phones.

Mobile application receives and restores therapeutic schedule (via hospital equipment or company web site), and then issue instructions to RightinHome. During the whole rehabilitation training process, users can interact and seek help via APP

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