DR. CANE is designed to provide users a safe, comfort product.
We know people are always seeking for reliable walking stick , so we made it, It’s Dr. Cane. Our design includes four advantages.
1. Suitable for most of walking cane and crutch in the market
Dr. Cane can used on any general crutches, when it’s tube size at n19mm or n16mm, thickness at 1mm ~ 1.2mm. Person can buy it to add on his crutches. Dr. Cane is very easy to assemble and use.

2. Pivoting Base, all-terrain walking stick
Dr. Cane’s pivoting design allows the cane to rotate 360 degrees keeping 100% contact with the ground at all times to help user maintain balance and control in any type of terrain at any type of angle.

3. Suspension System
Dr. Cane features an inner suspension system. The purpose of the suspension system is to isolate the body from bumps and vibrations that occur when the cane gets in contact with the ground helping protect muscles and joints from damage and wear. Dr. Cane has been designed to help reduce physical stress and strain.

4. Rubber Tip Replacement
User can easily change the tip by his/her own, and can choose 1 point tip as normal walking stick, 3 points tip as an all-terrai

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