YUNMAI smart scale can weigh 10 body data with bluetooth and wifi pairing technology that gives you a better idea of your body. Now you can use YUNMAI to check on your body stats at wherever you want, but also YUNMAI helps you analyze your body condition with ease. Can provides suggestions based on users‘ data, becoming one advisor.

YUNMAI 2 is a smart scale that aims to help users know themselves better.All the data can be checked in the APP that helps users better know their body condition.The outstanding design includes ITO coating,1136 concealed LED display.The design of the outside frame gives users a hint to step on the middle of the scale surface which prevents inaccurate weight readings/measurements and prevents users from slipping off the edge of the scale.The spherical pads accurately weigh disproportional standing. YUNMAI 2 adapts to different ground surfaces.Multi-interaction functions bring a fancy experience to users and help them better achieve their goal.

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