X-SMART IQ is the newest generation of endodontic motors, a continuous and reciprocating motion cordless motor controlled by the Apple iOS iQ application, which goes beyond the traditional torque and speed control to help educate the patient on the treatment. Today the Platform is based on an Mini iPad format, and may evolve in the future according to new technologies. It means also a complete digital solution and ultimately an evolving Endo Partner. Thanks to powerful capabilities of an iOS it is possible to use the set of simple images already store in the DENTSPLY iQ application, which explains the endodontic treatment to the patient. There is also a possibility to flow through the files’ sequence selection of DENTSPLY MAILLEFER or the one created by yourself. Furthermore this piece of equipment enables also easy reporting- transfer the treatment report to the patient life based on associate basic treatment notes specific to each patient (tooth number, working length, last file used, obturation notes. X-SMART IQ , allows multiple treatment devices, services, and interactive tools to be integrated in one solution.

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