Provox Luna
Every year about 10,000 people have their voice box removed after larynx cancer. This means having to breathe through a stoma in their neck, and that natural moistening and warming up of the inhaled air is lost. An HME and adhesive helps restore these lost abilities, but only when used 24/7.
Our research revealed that over50% of the patients do not regularly use an HME, and typically not during night. Main reasons are discomfort and skin irritation. The consequence is increased mucus production and coughing, resulting in sleeping problems and less social contact.
Provox Luna is a unique night-time solution that is comfortable to sleep with, soothes the skin and provides superior lung humidification. The Adhesive has an innovative soft connector and is made of hydrogel. Hydrogel is widely used in wound care and has proven cooling and soothing effects. The HME is made of soft silicone and provides superior humidification compared to other HMEs. It has a low breathing resistance for comfortable breathing
Patient feedback:“Received Luna yesterday and I slept right through the night without coughing!”“Thought it would be good, just didn’t realize it would be this good!“

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