Planmed Clarity is a digital mammography system for screening and diagnostic mammography. In addition to 2D imaging Planmed Clarity offers innovative 3D breast tomosynthesis imaging. This emerging and highly effective technology can also be added to the system later on with an easy upgrade. Flowing lines combined with precise details characterize the design of the unit giving it a gentle but confident feel. Round forms and appealing trim colors invite the patient to touch and lean on the device without hesitation. Expectations set by the appearance are met with adaptable patient positioning. New features, such as the concave face guard that creates extra headroom with less strain to the neck and the versatile forward curving support handle, provide an even more relaxed patient experience. Screening is a highly optimized process where the user needs to be efficient and considerate, while diagnostic work-ups are meticulous studies of the breast. The modern touch screen user interface offers extensive customization options for optimal workflow to varied customer needs around the globe.

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