Reports show that decentralize healthcare is a trend and pharmacy is a cost-effective proposal for nowadays health care system. However, few IVD and IT integration solution is available on market now.

PixoTest POCT System utilizes smartphone-like system as a base to integrate multiple IVD (In-vitro Diagnostic) tests including HbA1c, Lipid & Glucose into one device. The technology utilizes the lighting and image sensing module to detect the color change reaction on different test strips. The image of the test strip is captured by the camera and analyzed via the measurement algorithm to turn out a quantified result. Besides, with embedded smartphone elements, all test data can be seamlessly uploaded to the cloud and connected to the drug store or physician office record system. The modularized test slot design provides high flexibility (one device with variable test complex) to fulfill requirements for different product applications.

With this technology, the PixoTest POCT system can be perfectly installed in the pharmacy or drug store in the community and fit into their operation process to provide better efficiency and maximize benefits brought by POCT system.

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