Product Introduction

Innovation: The touch panel is independent of the right side of the main body, an innovative feature, not only allowing for free operation at every angle but also preventing the drugs from falling onto the panel in the course of use, which helps keep the panel clean.

Utility: For the sake of operation convenience, the overall height needs to be maintained within a limit. It can be appreciated the machine table produces less pressure on customers. Also fewer projections and dents along with a simple shape give us a sense of neatness and more than that it makes cleaning an easier job.

Economic Benefit: Ottoman has been listed for three years, and has already entered more than 300 third-level grade-A hospitals.?In just two year, it has sold over 10 million assorted reagents, increases the profit by around 25 million yuan and paid over 6 million yuan for tax.

Environment-friendliness: The foldable panel reduces greatly the overall package volume, not only convenient for handling, but environment friendly as well.

Craft: The low pressure RIM (rapid-injection molding) perfusion molding process is adopted for the production of OTTOMAN casing. The materi

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